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High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Stage System

High Resolution Technologies - Stage System - White Speaker
High Resolution Technologies - Stage System - White Speaker High Resolution Technologies - Stage System - Control Center High Resolution Technologies - Stage System - Control Center Back

High Resolution Technologies - Stage System

High Resolution Technologies - Stage System 

The Stage Speaker System is the companion to Stage Control Center, and together they form a complete audio system of extraordinary fidelity. The design of the Stage Speaker System started as a blank canvas. Every element of every aspect of the Speaker System was designed and tooled from the ground up. Not being tied to components designed for other applications and free to explore each and every element, this freedom allowed HRT to develop a Speaker System that exceeds what has previously been possible. Each component has been optimized for it’s task, and the overall goal of vanishing low distortion has been the driving motivation for each decision. Extensive use of injection-molded structures have made possible shapes that would otherwise be impossible. Details such as frames for the woofers, acoustical chamber for the tweeter, internal bulkhead bracing, unified baffle, and the enclosure itself all become a reality by the three dimensional freedom molded structures allow. Not to be out done by the structural elements, the magnetic design of the Stage Speaker System drivers is the finest possible. Instead of the more common over-hung voice coil approach, both the woofer and tweeter used in the Stage Speaker System use under-hung voice coils, and include modulation reducing magnetic shorting rings. With this design, the drivers’ voice coils are always in a very linear part of the motor assembly, even under heavy-signal conditions. Even the voice coil impedance is unique, allowing for a parallel-connected trio of woofers made possible by their atypically high impedance. This configuration allows for the best low frequency damping when paired with the dedicated electronics of the Stage Control Center. When combined with the unique shape of the enclosure and its distributed woofer array, the Stage Speaker system is beautifully balanced for both near field and free space listening. 

The HRT Stage Control Center is the companion to Stage Speaker System and together, they form a complete audio system of extraordinary fidelity. Conceived as a pairing, Stage will satisfy any level of expectation. The combined system is focused on achieving astonishingly low levels of distortion along with perfect tonality - all at a price point that has never before been achieved. Stage Control Center includes the capabilities of an asynchronous USB DAC, an analogue preamplifier, and a linear analogue power amplifier. Supplied in speaker matching black or white finish; the Control Center was designed as an updatable platform with field-replaceable modules, accommodating different applications and connectivity as they become available. Stage's inputs include both an asynchronous USB interface and a pure analogue path allowing Stage to be used be used with a large variety of signal sources, while providing each type with an optimized signal path. With analogue signal processing, which perfectly complements the requirements of the Stage Speaker System, the low-frequency response is extended, along with distortion being drastically reduced. Designed with the goal of absolute purity as the highest criteria, the Control Center utilizes the most well regarded technologies, including asynchronous transfer protocol for the digital signal path, digitally controlled analogue attenuation, analog domain signal processing, Class AB analogue power amplification, and linear power supplies, all contained in a compact package with a simple and intuitive user interface, controlled by simple front panel buttons or the included compact remote control. 

Together, these elements make Stage a superb audio system for desktop, gaming, home audio/video systems, professional audio mixing, mastering, and commercial installations. HRT’s exacting use of the most appropriate and modern materials, the highest performance components, and the most advanced manufacturing technologies combine with absolute focus on sonic fidelity to complete Stage – a unique and unrivaled fully modern and compact audio system solution that is here to be enjoyed by all. With it’s un-colored tonal balance, remarkable dynamic response, eye-popping 3-D spatial presentation, and low frequency capabilities that will exceed all expectations for such small speakers, the Stage Speaker System is capable of playing all types of music and sound tracks with stunning realism. We invite you to experience Stage for yourself; prepare to have your expectations exceeded!


  • Built in asynchronous USB 24/96-capable DAC, analog preamplifier and linear analog power amplifier
  • Low Frequency Effects output
  • One asynchronous USB interface and one high performance analog RCA input
  • Ideal for many environments (music, gaming, home A/V, audio mixing and more...)
  • Great for desktop or free space listening conditions
  • Proprietary under-hung drivers
  • Ultra-low distortion system provides state-of-the-art sound quality
  • Available in both black and white
  • Designed and manufactured in Southern California.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.


STAGE Control Center


Sample Rate
        up to 96 kHz

Bit Depth
        up to 24 bit

USB Transfer Protocol

Jitter contribution (DC to 30 kHz)
        >130 dB below full scale

Preamplifier & Attenuator

Line input impedance
        20k Ohm

Attenuator step size
        .5 dB

LF output impedance
        500 Ohm

Power Amplifier

Class of operation

Maximum power output
        70 Watts / channel

Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)
        +0 dB / -.2 dB

Power Requirements

        115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz 220 VA

        250 mA

Dimensions (H x W x D)
        8.5” x 6.25” x 8”

        8.5 pounds

Speaker System


Impedance (minimum)
        7 Ohm

Impedance (maximum)
        39 Ohm

        2.8 kHz (2nd order)

        84.5 dB @ 1 meter w/ 2.83 V

        <.3% @ 90 dB SPL

Power handling (system)
        100 Watts

Frequency Response (45Hz-20kHz)
        +/- 2 dB (w/ Control Center)


        1x 28 mm

        3x 70 mm

Voice Coil (diameter)
        25.5 mm, 4 layer, Kapton former

Magnetic structure (T & W)
        Under-hung, with shorting ring


        B4 (+ 4th order electrical High Pass)

        38 mm rear facing (with flared terminations)


Weight (each)
        9.4 lbs

Mounting bracket
        2x M6 inserts (60mm on center)

Input connector
        2mm x 6.5mm coaxial

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