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High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC

High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC
High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC

High Resolution Technologies - HRT - Music Streamer HD USB-Powered DAC

The Music Streamer HD is HRT’s top of the line USB DAC. Featuring both full-sized XLR (4.5V) and RCA (2.25V) outputs, the Music Streamer HD is compatible with any audio system.

The Music Streamer HD is an ultra-high performance external sound card/digital to analog converter (DAC) that connects a computer to the analog inputs (balanced or unbalanced) of a home stereo, other entertainment system or to powered loudspeakers. USB connected and powered, the Music Streamer HD is simple to use and provides a level of performance that is almost unsurpassed at any price point. The Music Streamer HD approaches near theoretical limits for resolution and will astonish even the most demanding listener.

With its high performance asynchronous USB transceiver, differential current mode conversion, and a fully differential signal path, the Music Streamer HD provides the perfect topology for ultra high resolution digital to analog conversion. All power requirements for the Music Streamer HD are supplied from the host computer, and operation is simple: just plug it into any available USB port, and in a matter of seconds, you will be ready to experience a level of sound that is guaranteed to thrill and delight you.

With its jitter free interface, the Music Streamer HD will transform your computer into a better-than-CD-quality source.* Utilizing native Audio Class 1.0 or 2.0 drivers (available in all modern PC, Mac & Linux computers), simply select the appropriate audio class via the Music Streamer HD's front panel switch, connect it to your computer via the included USB cable and connect the audio outputs to your audio system (RCA or XLR). Select the Music Streamer HD as the default audio output in your computer’s audio sound preferences and you are ready to experience digital sound reproduction at its very best. LED indicators on the HD display the current sample rate (44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, 176k4 & 192k), the bit depth (16 or 24), and the state of the mute circuit, so you will always know at a glance your system's operating mode. **

* When using high bit rate/sample rate music files.

** It is important to note that, while the MS HD is capable of decoding digital files of up to 24/192 resolution, all current Windows-based computers will pass only a maximum of 24/96 resolution files over the USB network (Windows software does not at this time support Audio Class 2.0, which is required for transmitting 24/192 files over USB). However, if you have a Mac computer, and it is equipped with Snow Leopard operating software or above, you can play full-resolution files up to 24/192 resolution over the USB system on your Mac. This Windows exception has nothing to do with the MS HD itself; rather, it is an intrinsic limitation of all current Windows operating software. The good news is that HRT is currently working on a solution to allow Windows-based computers to make full use of the 24/192 capability of the MS HD, and as soon as it is ready, we will announce it on this web site.


  • Fully differential (balanced) internal signal path
  • Balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) outputs
  • 24 Bit operation
  • Supports 44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, 176k4 & 192k sample rates
  • End plate LED indicators identify sample rate and bit depth 
  • Plug and play using selectable audio class 1.0 or 2.0 operation 
  • USB Powered
  • Galvanic isolation of digital and analog stages
  • Asynchronous Mode Operation eliminates timing errors (jitter)
  • Upstream Utility for fast firmware upgrades
  • Designed and Manufactured in So Cal.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.


Full Scale Output
        2.25 V RMS (RCA), 4.5V (XLR)

Output Impedance
        50 Ohm (RCA), 50+50 Ohm (XLR)

Frequency Response (20 Hz/20 kHz)
        -0 dB / -.2 dB

Noise Floor (DC to 30 kHz)
        5 uV RMS (RCA), 9 uV (XLR)

S/N Ratio (DC to 30 kHz)
        113 dB (RCA), 114 dB (XLR)

S/N Ratio (A-weighted)
        119 dB (RCA), 122 dB (XLR)

THD+N (1 kHz Full Scale)

THD+N (1 kHz -20dB)

Jitter Contribution (DC to 30 kHz)
        >144 dB below full scale

        > 500M ohm

Sample Rate
        up to 192 kHz

Bit Depth
        up to 24 bit

USB Transfer Protocol

Power Requirements (USB Buss)
        480 mA

        3.8" x 6.0" x 3.0"

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