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HIFIMAN - HE1000 V2 - Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones

HIFIMAN - HE1000 v2- Planar Magnetic Headphone

HIFIMAN - HE1000 V2- Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones 

World's first diaphragm in nanometer thickness - extremely low in mass, yielding faster response and lower distortion. The innovative design of the double-sided, asymmetrical magnetic circuit is the perfect marriage of the diaphragm in nanometer thickness and its magnetic partner. The result is Planar Magic. Patented "Window Shade" design is precisely structured to achieve an optimal open-back design. It prevents interference from the sound waves, avoiding unwanted reflections and vibrations, which cause distortion. This results in a wider and natural soundstage, outstanding imaging and remarkable clarity.

The "Window Shade" System

The outer grill has been carefully designed to offer the physical protection required yet to have as minimal an acoustic impact as possible. The open backed nature of the SUSVARA means that physical protection of the driver inside is necessary but it creates unwanted relfections. How do you stop the wave reflections from the protective grill creating wave interference? The answer was found in the careful crafting of the grill such that the secondary reflections caused are exactly controlled to avoid any unwanted vibrations reaching the delicate diaphragm. Thus the most detailed acoustic subtleties can remain unhindered to offer a perfectly natural sense of space and openness.

The “Window Shade” on the SUSVARA has been painstakingly optimized to avoid any resonant frequencies. This leads to superior aural purity, tonally clean and unadulterated yet provides practical protection for the ultra-fine diaphragm and additional offering an appealing visual aesthetic.

Ergonomic and comfortable headband is designed to fit for most people, with greater reliability and durability. The metal headband structure is created via CNC milling and hand polishing. To adjust the headband, simply move each ear cup up or down until the top of the headband rests comfortably on your head and the ear cups surround your ears.

HIFIMAN - HE1000 v2 - Planar Magnetic Headphone


        Open Back

Driver Type
        Planar Magnetic

        35 +/- 3 Ohms

        90 dB

Frequency Response
        8 Hz - 65 kHz

        480g (16.9 oz)

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