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HB Cable Design - PowerDragon - Statement Level Power Cord

HB Cable Design - PowerDragon - Statement Level Power Cord 

Electrical energy is one of the components of musical reproduction that has the greatest impact on sound quality. The optimum reproduction of music requires a steady, uniformly strong yet placid energy supply. 

Endless dynamics and powerful composure, image resolution down to the last detail, audible and perceptible musical tranquility - those are the qualities of the superb HB PowerDragon power cable, a product which was specially designed for use with our components. 

The energy supplied to the devices by the HB PowerDragon is unique in terms of volume and consistency. No additional voltage filter, power conditioner or other accessories should stand in the way and impede the strong and steady flow of electrical energy provided by the HB PowerDragon. 

Bridled energy and deep tranquility, those are the two primary characteristics of our power cable. The HB PowerDragon allows every component configuration to develop its inherent musical potential to the fullest. This is where comparisons end for ever-searching high-end enthusiasts.

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