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Ground Zero
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Granite Audio - Ground Zero - Model # 502 Kit

Granite Audio - Ground Zero - Model # 502 Kit

GROUND ZERO is an affordable totally passive star grounding system that equalizes the ground impedance path of every component in your audio or video system regardless of the condition of your house wiring and regardless of how many different gauges of power cords you are using.

GROUND ZERO does all this totally in the ground plane without any connection to your music signal path and it doesn't plug into the wall outlet. GROUND ZERO is a complete kit that comes with 6 special low impedance cables that connect the chassis of every component in your system to the GROUND ZERO chassis.

GROUND ZERO and it's low-impedance 32 amp silver switches does the rest. Installation is done in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver. Lowers system noise floor. Replaces dangerous cheater plugs. No need to rewire your house. Great alternative for renters. Take it with you when you move. Star grounding has been around for decades, but GROUND ZERO does more than that. It divides your system into 3 subgroups and allows you to actually balance the impedance between the groups with 27 switch settings to get the absolute optimum lowest noise floor and maximum ground loop elimination in the world's first portable novice-friendly kit that will fit in any system.

Listen to your music, not your noise!

Includes:  One GROUND ZERO box, four 5 foot cables, and two 8 foot cables.


  • Affordable ground loop elimination.
  • Lowers system noise floor.
  • Operates in the system's ground circuit only.
  • Does not interfere with the music signal path.
  • Matches the ground impedance of every system component.
  • Replaces dangerous "cheater plugs" with a safer solution.
  • Creates a balanced ground path without expensive house rewiring.
  • Great alternative for renters. Take it with you when you move.


  • 1 x GROUND ZERO box
  • 4 x Five foot cables
  • 2 x Eight foot cables

Dimensions (including feet and toggles):
7" x  4.5" x  3.5"

Shipping Weight
5 lbs.

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