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Grado - Platinum3 - Timbre Series Phono Cartridge


Grado - Platinum V3 - Timbre Series Phono Cartridge

The Timbre Series V3 of wooden cartridges are hand-assembled at Grado Labs from a Australian Jarrah wood. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. This series generator/stylus module is not replaceable allowing a redesigned one-piece magnetic circuit and a reduction of chassis resonances. The Timbre Series3 utilizes manufacturing and assembly techniques that result is musical perfection. The Timbre Series V3 should be used with only the finest equipment. Recommended tracking force 1.6 to 1.9 grams.

The Timbre Series utilizes manufacturing and assembly techniques of fantastic accuracy and precision, and the result is virtual perfection. The Platinum V3 Phono Cartridge should be used only with the finest equipment. The recommended tracking force is 1.6 to 1.9 grams.

The Platinum3 model uses a modified four piece OTL cantilever technology achieving a 10% tip mass reduction over the Prestige series and ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils.

The Platinum model uses Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond mounted on aluminum bushing, and the Sonata model uses Grado's specially designed nude elliptical diamond.

*All wooden series cartridges are 1/2" mount. 78 RPM styli are not available with these series.

*Note: All re-tipping on the Statement and Reference series will be done by Grado.


  • Fixed-Coil Design
  • Hand-Assembled at Grado Labs (Brooklyn, NY USA)
  • Made of Australian Jarrah Wood
  • One-piece Magnet Circuit
  • Four-piece OTL Cantilever Technology
  • 10% Tip Mass-Reduction over the Prestige Series of cartridges
  • Ultra-High Purity Long Crystal (UHPLC) Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • 1/2" Mount Wooden Cartridge
  • Elliptical Diamond mounted on Aluminum Bushing


Australian Jarrah Wood

Aluminum / Elliptical Diamond

High 4.0mV @5 CMV (45)
Low  1.0mV @5 CMV (45)

Controlled Frequency Response
10 - 60 kHz

Channel Separation
Average 30 dB - 10-30 KHZ

High Output 55mH
Low Output  6mH

High Output 660 ohms
Low Output  70 ohms

Tracking Force
1.6 - 1.9 grams

Channel Separation at 1 KHz
Average 30db - 10 - 30k Hz

Input Load
10K - 47K ohms

Stylus Type


Compliance CUs

Stylus Replacement Manufacturer
Grado Labs Factor (Brooklyn, NY)

Mounting Style

High Output, Low Output, Mono

Phono Cartridge Weight
9 grams

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