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Furutech - SK-III Antistatic Brush

Furutech - SK-III Antistatic Brush
Furutech - SK-III Antistatic Brush Furutech - SK-III Antistatic Brush

Furutech - SK-III Antistatic Brush 

Revolutionary Electrostatic AV accessory brush for improving sound and picture quality The new SK-III features a rhodium coated metal grounding sleeve for improved conductivity and 10% more super fine Corona discharge fibers. It has been known to all those concerned with high end audio and home theater for many years now that by removing electrostatic charge from audio and visual media a great improvement in sound and picture quality can be realized. But until now removing electrostatic charge has always been a costly exercise, both in time and money.

Developed by SFC of Japan, the patented electrostatic brush SK-III has arrived brought to you by Furutech. This revolutionary product, so simple to use, will change your listening or viewing experience for good. See and hear a difference can be realized in minutes. Experience what the product that has become such a great hit among Japanese high-end audio and home theater fans. Now Furutech brings this incredible product to audio and home theater lovers of the world. The SK-III uses a combination of the finest goat hair and Corona discharge fibers. Hard to come by and extremely soft, the goats hair used on the SK-III is perfect for cleaning dust out of those precious LPs and will not leave the slightest mark on CDs, DVD or projector lenses.

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