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Pure Power 6
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Furutech - Pure Power 6 Super Barrier Power Distributor

Furutech - Pure Power 6 Super Barrier Power Distributor

Furutech reveals their Power 6 AC Mains Distributor, the ultimate expression of Furutech’s Pure Transmission Technology. Furutech engineers each and every step of power and signal transfer--no matter how small--using the finest materials and technologies available, like their proprietary Formula GC-303 EMI-absorbent material and Two-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Super α (Alpha) Treatment applied to all metal parts.

Luxury Build
The Power 6 is built like a Swiss bank vault, a virtual black hole for EMI and RFI. The substantial, beautifully-crafted chassis is precision CNC-machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

Three separate milled compartments house three independently-wired duplex receptacles using top-quality twisted-multigauge Teflon-shielded high-purity silver-plated Alpha-OFC. The hot and neutral conductor bundles from the IEC are loomed into a large, centrally-located chamber--secured Bugatti-like with eight beautifully machined rivets--that’s filled with Furutech’s EMI-absorbent Formula GC-303 material. GC-303 absorbs the high-frequency noise that develops whenever passing current through wire. This exceptional EMI-isolating material is also used in other Furutech power distributors and filters, as well as in modules surrounding all Reference III cables.

Furutech’s patented Power Plate Receptacles enhance the vault-like build, ensuring the tightest and most secure power cord fit imaginable. Pure Transmission Technology is applied at every level: The rhodium-plated receptacles are not simply flush with the outer chassis but tapped 25mm into the thick aluminum for an outstandingly tight fit.

Furutech’s already robust mounting flanges at top and bottom of each duplex outlet are held in place against the chassis with thick aluminum blocks applying pressure along the entire width of the flange rather than just securing it with screws at four points.

When Furutech say Pure Transmission, they mean it. Each duplex receptacle is additionally stabilized with double Axial Locks; a pair of special factory-torqued screws anchor the back of each receptacle at two points for ultimate mechanical integrity.

Four elegantly machined adjustable footers keeps the Power 6 stable for your system’s power cords. Run digital into one duplex, analog front-end components into another, and your amplifier on the third for stunning, unrestricted, clean, stable AC power and rich, dynamic sound.

Pure Transmission Grounding/Earthing Post
The three duplex receptacles are not wired to incoming ground; they “float” electrically. The green ground wire from the incoming IEC fitting is tightly fixed to the chassis at the bottom of the center chamber before it’s filled with GC-303, which further isolates the noisy ground. To ensure your safety the Power 6 must be grounded at its Grounding/Earthing Post located near the input IEC.


  • Chassis: CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • AC Input/Output:15A IEC input/3 UL-Rated duplex receptacles
  • Materials Processing: Metal parts treated with α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process
  • Ground/Earth connection: Chassis Grounding Post
  • IEC Rhodium-Plated IEC Input
  • Receptacles:3 High Performance FP-20A (R) Duplex Receptacles
  • Internal wiring: 3 gauges of high quality twisted-multigauge Teflon-shielded high-purity silver-plated Alpha-OFC
  • Solder: Special alloy solder
  • Size: 8”/250mm W x 8”/250mm H x 3”/95mm D
  • Weight: 22lbs/10kgs
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