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SonorousVI-Open Box

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Open Box Special. Only One Available.


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Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones (Open Box)

Final Audio - Sonorous VI - Headphones
Final Audio - Sonorous VI - Headphones Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones

Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones

*** Open box. Client ordered, but decided to return. Service Dept. tested and they sound amazing! Only one available. Full factory warranty.

Final Audio - Sonorous VI Headphones 

With the synergistic effect of a hybrid design that merges balanced armature with a 50mm diameter dynamic driver unit coupled with BAM mechanism, we've achieved an extraordinarily vast sound stage. The music fixed inside our heads with headphones up until now vibrates in a vast space from side to side and with depth.

The BAM mechanism balances air pressure at the front and rear of the diaphragm, achieving three-dimensional sound with depth and low tones. The balanced armature driver unit developed by our company for optimal use as a tweeter. We've paid special attention to our choice of materials used in our pursuit of sound quality, utilizing a permalloy with a high level of magnetic permeability in the magnetic circuit.

A driver unit with a diameter of 50mm, newly designed for SONOROUS. By increasing the precision of the parts, it has become possible to make the gap between the magnetic circuit, the pole piece and the yoke narrower than with common products. A powerful neodymium magnet is coupled with this, making for a high magnetic flux density. The result is clear sound quality.

We've re-examined the shape of the tangential edge and have employed a lightweight diaphragm with a heightened responsiveness to micro-signals.

The voice coil is copper-clad aluminum wire CCAW. Clear, crisp bass tones are achieved with the combination of a magnetic circuit with a high driving force and a light vibration system. So as not to inhibit the sound emanating from the driver unit, and so that there is no unnecessary added reverberation, a form that is as slim yet as strong as possible has been pursued. This contributes to clear sound quality.

What plays an important part in sound quality is the fit between the user’s ear and the ear pad. If there is space between the two, then bass tones are lost; if the ear pad presses against the user’s ear with too much pressure, then apart from it being uncomfortable, the acoustic pressure of the bass tones rise too high, resulting in negative influences on sound quality. In spite of this, there was no evolution seen in the ear pads on the market, and they continued to be made using the same structure for many years.

We got engineers who had been involved in the development of corsets to participate in developing our ear pads, and re-examined the fit between the user’s ear and the ear pad. By employing the appropriate technology – pursuing synthetic leather with the best elasticity and the best sponge cutting and adopting ultrasound fusion for the adhesion of the synthetic leather to the inner frame – we constructed an unwrinkled, three-dimensional form with just the right amount of tension to it.


The Sonorous IV & Sonorous VI both come standard with Type A earpads which are designed by Final Audio to maximize sound isolation. Both headphones are also closed back again increasing the sound isolation of the product. We also offer a Type B pad (Accessory purchase $57.90 retail) , again designed by Final Audio, constructed with low compression material to offer additional sound isolation.

A little bit of Final Audio trivia:

The original launch of the Sonorous VI took Europe and Asia by storm. The number one use of the headphones was of course home listening. However a close second was for people with long commutes, both by air and train. The Sonorous IV was designed as a lighter (by weight) version of the Sonorous VI for people looking for a more portable way to escape the rigors of travel through high definition music.


        Sonorous VI

        Stainless Steel / ABS

Driver Unit
        Dynamic Driver + Balanced Armature Driver

        105 dB

        8 Ohms

Length of Cable

        480g (1.1 lbs)

        2 Years

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