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FA-TypeB Pads
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Final Audio - Ear Pads (B-Type) - Replacement Headphone Earpads (Pair) is available to buy in increments of 1

Final Audio - Ear Pads (B-Type) - Replacement Headphone Earpads (Pair)

Final Audio - Ear Pads (B-Type) - Replacement Headphone Earpads (Pair)

Final Audio - Ear Pads (B-Type) - Replacement Headphone Earpads (Pair)

Final Audio - Ear Pads (B-Type) - Replacement Headphone Earpads (Pair) 

Ear pads developed for the Sonorous series.

Ear pads play a very important role in sound quality. One of these relates to the problem of fitting. When there is a gap between the ear pad and the ear, large changes occur in terms of the acoustic pressure of low tones, and this has a considerable effect on sound quality. Because of this, the choice of materials for the ear pads and the inner sponge is important.

Another role relates to the influence of aging (the phenomenon whereby the sound produced by the headphones changes in a favorable direction as they are used). The ear pads themselves are a large component in terms of change over the years, and hence a big influence with respect to aging. The ear pads adapting to the shape of the ear is a good change, but if the shape changes too much, there may be deviations away from the type of sound that is favored. Based on such a viewpoint, on listening trials and on comfort with respect to the ears, we employed synthetic leather with the same amount of stretch both horizontally and vertically and which changes moderately over time.

Users can enjoy changes in sound according to the material and the structure of each type of ear pad.
We encourage you to try each type yourself to hear the differences.

The internal aspect utilizes a mesh material as well as employing soft sponge; sound quality is adjusted by reducing the area inside the ear pad.
* These are the ear pads offered as a bonus when Sonorous VI was released.

Surface Material: Synthetic leather
Sponge: Compared to Type A, the sponge is thin and soft
Filter: Single layer

Note: Combination with models other than the standard feature model:
- Sonorous X, VIII
Since the tuning method for Sonorous VI is completely different and the fluctuation of frequency characteristics is great, we do not recommend using this model.
- Sonorous VI, IV
The overall sound is tight, and the outline is easy to make out. In particular, the sensuousness of the vocals can be expressed extremely well. Since low resistance sponge is utilized, the fit is improved, but because the pad is on the thin side, depending on the person it is possible that the front plate will come into contact with the ear.
- Sonorous III, II
Compared to the standard pads, the balance leans towards mid- to high frequencies while retaining the merits of each product. For those who like the sounds of Sonorous VI, we think it would be worth your while trialing this product.

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