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Final - D8000
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Final Audio - D8000 - Planar Magnetic On-Ear Headphones is available to buy in increments of 1

Final Audio - D8000 - Planar Magnetic On-Ear Headphones

Final Audio - D8000 - AFDS Planar Headphones

Final Audio - D8000 - Planar Magnetic On-Ear Headphones

Planar Magnetic Headphones with air-film damping system - combining delicate high-end tones with rich, flowing bass.

Final Audio Design has long been recognized as the Industry leader in designing and manufacturing best-in-class headphones & earphones. Their approach to quality audio continues to be one of true art, both in sound quality and design. One of the few audio manufacturers that designs and produces most of their products in-house at their facility in Japan. The newest product in their headphone line is the D8000 Air Film Damping System (AFDS) Planar Headphone.

Traditionally planar headphones use a zigzag pattern coil, Final designed a spiral coil in order to significantly improve the bass response. The other breakthrough is newly designed “thin air film”. This technology combined with a spiral coil create a unique sound signature resulting in a better bass response. The overall effect on the sound quality of the headphone is a superbly rich and open sound signature.

With AFDS (Air Film Damping System), the planar magnetic model was reinvented. Leaving the merits of the planar magnetic model - a lightweight vibration system and superior reproduction of high frequencies - as is, the employment of AFDS expands the reproduction frequency band with a bass bias and makes the use of breathable earpads possible. Compared to the conventional planar magnetic model, with which tightly sealed earpads had to be used to supplement bass frequencies, the natural, open sound achieved is of a quality worthy of being termed a reinvention.

The D8000 Pro Edition is a new product that leaves the delicate sound quality of the D8000 intact and has undergone retuning of driver units which adopt the Air Film Damping System (AFDS) in accordance with actual use for professional sound recordings upon the request of recording engineers who wish to listen at louder sound volumes than ordinary consumers. As a result of the new tuning, which takes into consideration the human auditory characteristic by which low-frequency range becomes easier to hear as volume increases, the D8000 Pro Edition provides sound quality perceived to be of higher clarity when listening to rock, pops and other selections featuring a narrow dynamic range in contrast to the D8000, which is suitable particularly for classical music and other selections that feature a wide dynamic range.  A figure listed in the accompanying images shows the difference in sound quality tendencies between the D8000 and the D8000 Pro Edition.


  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Open Back Design
  • Low Distortion
  • Ideal Frequency Response
  • Natural Bass Sound
  • 2 Year Warranty


Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy

AFDS Planar Magnetic Driver

60 Ohms

Cable Length

523 g

Headphone Stand, Detachable Cable (1.5m w/ 3.5mm plug, 3m w/ 6.3mm plug)

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