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ELAC - SPW - Sensible Speaker Wires (Pair) is available to buy in increments of 1

ELAC - SPW - Sensible Speaker Wires (Pair)


ELAC - SPW - Sensible Speaker Wires

A lamp deserves lamp cord. Your speakers deserve something better.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best sound from your speakers. Designed to deliver full bandwidth and maximum conductivity without coloration or compromise, ELAC Sensible Speaker Cables are the most cost-effective improvement you can make to your system!

Oxygen. It’s the third most abundant element in the universe. That’s OK for the universe, but not for your speaker cables. That’s why our engineers specified four-nines (99.99%) oxygen-free copper to deliver maximum conductivity to your loudspeakers and maximum purity in your sound.

There’s nothing worse than cables that won’t bend, stay put or lie flat. Sensible Speaker Cables have a durable braided jacket that withstands high-traffic environments and repeated handling. The sophisticated pattern makes these speaker cables a welcome addition to the best-looking systems.

It isn’t just wire metallurgy that affects your sound—what covers the wire matters too. ELAC’s polyethylene dielectric not only provides superior insulation, but it has a low dielectric constant as well as offering low dielectric loss. So your speakers receive the purest, cleanest-sounding signal imaginable.

While most affordable cables use inferior, plated zinc connectors, ELAC insists on brass. Then those connectors are fitted with 24K gold-plated beryllium copper contacts for maximum conductivity and reliability of contact, while threaded anodized barrels won’t come unscrewed during use.


  • 14 AWG 99.99% Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors for Superior Sound Quality
  • Premium, High-Temperature, Nylon-Braided PVC Jacket for Easy Handling
  • Precision-Formulated Polyethylene Dielectric for Minimal Signal Interference
  • Machined, High-Conductivity Beryllium Copper Contacts for Mmaximum Signal Transfer


Gauge: 14 AWG
Materials: 99.99% Oxygen-Free Copper Construction
Jacket: High Temperature, Nylon-Braided PVC Jacket
Insulation: Polyethylene Dielectric
Connectors: Brass w/24K Gold-Plated Beryllium Copper Contacts
Lengths: 10' (3.05m) or 15' (4.57m)
Qty: 1 Pair of Cables in Each Box (Enough to Connect a Pair of Speakers)
Net Weight 10' (3.05m): 8.1oz (229.6g)
Net Weight 15' (4.57m): 11.5oz (326g)
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