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Earthquake - Q10B - Tactile Transducer

Earthquake - Q10B Tactile Transducer

Earthquake - Q10B - Tactile Transducer

Earthquake's Q10B Is an Advanced Sub harmonic Bass Shaker, just as its predecessor Quake 10.0, the Q10B is an awe-inspiring sub harmonics unit designed for special-effects enhancement. These more advanced tactile transducers allow you to efficiently add super-sensitive low-frequency effects without using costly hydraulics or a bulky and expensive subwoofer.

Insane Power - One Q10B can easily replace 3, 4, or even 5 commonly sold shakers and move 2 or 3 theater seats or a sizeable platform.

More Accurate - Designed by world-renowned engineer Joseph Sahyoun and team; the Q10B is musically perfect, with a tight and distinctive transient response.

Smaller - At only 3 9/16" tall and 6 3/16" wide, the Q10B can satisfy more space limitations than any other transducer on the market.

Almost Indestructible and Maintenance Free - With only one moving part and a cast aluminum heat sink for heat dissipation and protection, the Q10B is the only shaker you'll ever need to buy.

More Bass Less Bucks - The Q10B's unmatched combination of power, reliability and affordability make it the most comprehensive solution for your special effect needs.


  • Universal Mounting Option (Right-angle mounting bracket included)
  • 5-40 Hz Frequency Response
  • Less Than 7-inches Long and Less Than 4-inches Tall
  • 8-Ohm Military Grade, Flat Wire Aluminum Voice Coil
  • Thermal Protection
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink


  • Gaming Chairs
  • Platforms
  • Home Theaters
  • Mobile Audio
  • Recording Studios
  • Animal Training
  • Flight Simulation


Power Handling
40-1000 Watts

Frequency Response
5 - 40Hz

8 Ohms

4 kg

H = 3 9/16" - 90.4875mm
W = 6 3/16" - 157.1625mm
D = 3 9/16" - 90.4875mm

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