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Submonitor MK III
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Capriccio Continuo - Submonitor MKIII - Bass Speaker Admonitor (Pair)

Capriccio Continuo - Submonitor MK III - Bass Speaker for Admonitor (Pair) 

Capriccio Continuo - Submonitor MK III - Bass Speaker for Admonitor (Pair)

The Submonitor MKIII is the lower element of the Admonitor Première. This allows more accurate low frequency extension and headroom. The Submonitor was designed to be integrated with the Admonitor Première. Visual impact has been optimised by the use of 3 pieces, Nano-carbon 6.5” drivers.

Low frequency extension is the result of the EAARR “Enhanced Active Auxilary Radiator Reflex" loading system. The Submonitor is seamlessly integrated in the Admonitor Première by the mutational "Transfer20Z" crossover technology. Rather than being a generic subwoofer, the Submonitor 3 has been designed to blend seamlessly in the acoustic performance of the Admonitor Premiere, transforming these mini-monitors into a full scale reference 3.5 way system. 

The transition between upper and lower module has been designed in such a way as to increase naturally the radiating surface to the lowest frequencies. The objective was not simply to have "more bass" but to have all the subjective advantages that the best reproduction of the quasi-infrasonic spectrum can bring; more complete tonal accuracy; better "hall" and ambience perception; higher dynamic headroom and ease on crescendos.


        EAARR loading, compact low frequency extension module

        3 pieces 6.5”, high force, high excursion Nano-carbon units


Frequency Range
        27 Hz - 135 Hz

Recommended Amplifier Power
        25W to 200W

         1st order high pass and 1st + 3rd order mutational "Transfer20Z" crossover technology, low pass, nominal 45 Hz and 95 Hz

         29.5” x 7.3” x 16.4” (H x W x D)

        55 lbs. per unit

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