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Admonitor Premiere
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Capriccio Continuo - Admonitor Premiere- 2-way Monitor Speaker (Pair)

Capriccio Continuo - Admonitor Premiere - 2-way Monitor Speakers (Pair) 

Capricco Continuo - Admonitor Premiere - 2-way Monitor Speakers (Pair)

The ideal transducer would be a "reversed microphone"… in other words; you use for reproduction a small point-source full-range transducer that mimics the characteristics of the microphone used for the recording. 

However such an ideal transducer is simply unattainable. Even considering hypothetical perfect frequency extension, the unit would need to be at the same time very small; for ideal high frequency dispersion, and have significant radiating area; for credible low frequency reproduction .

Furthermore, work with many of the full-range loudspeakers available in a typical size of 5"- 8", we also have to suffer of these necessary compromises: - restricted top-end dispersion. - compromised low-frequency performance. - compromised center spectral performance; due to excessive optimisation of the low and high frequency reach. By transforming the point-source requirement above into a line-source system, we can use a multitude of smaller full-range units in a row to obtain a "line array". Helping to satisfy the contradictory requirement of small and large dimensions at the same time. Smaller full-range units certainly tend to have much more acceptable high-frequency extension. In professional audio, such large scale "line arrays" are extremely popular in auditoria and concerts. In these professional applications specific care of the radiation pattern needs to be taken care of, for correct audience coverage. The individual "modules" are amplitude, time and frequency steered.


  • Point-source hypo-cardioid radiation (small FAST tweeter with low crossover point to a small 130 mm woofer)
  • "T20Z" crossover technology, for stable minimum interference radiation of the dual point-source array
  • ZSS 32 (Ariacell GTi) technology for highest definition and information retrieval
  • FAST Heil type tweeter
  • "DXD" ready monitoring quality


        2 way moving-coil hypocardioid compact mini-monitor, air-flow controlled vent

        FAST tweeter and 130 mm Ariacell GTi sandwich midwoofer (Z32)

        Multislope Elliptical, "Transitional Transfert 0 Z"
        Type (“T20Z”) implemented with high grade components

        Nominal 4-8 Ohm, non-critical


Rec. Amplifier Power
        25 to 100 W

Frequency Range
        39Hz to 21Khz

Maximum Sound Level
        103 dba

        Profiled, sloped, high-density polymer sandwich

        High Gloss Piano Polyester

        13.8” x 7.3” x 11.0” (H x W x D)

        17.6 lbs. per speaker

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