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Canton - Smart Connect 5.1 - Wireless AV Preamplifier (Single) is available to buy in increments of 1

Canton - Smart Connect 5.1 - Wireless AV Preamplifier (Single)


Canton - Smart Connect 5.1 - Wireless AV Preamplifier (Single)

Smart and Wireless with Dolby Atmos®

Expand your speakers with the flexible Smart Connect 5.1 from Canton. The wireless multi-channel AV preamplifier with Dolby Atmos® technology combines up to 8 wireless speakers from the Smart series with up to 6 wired active speakers or power amplifiers. In addition, the Smart Connect 5.1 serves as an upgrade for any standard stereo system to create virtual 3D home cinema sound. Even with an analog tube amplifier, Virtual Dolby Atmos®can be enjoyed. The variable connectivity and ease of use with 4K compatible HDMI connections including eARC set new standards as a modern, room-filling music and home cinema system. The Smart Connect can be flexibly adapted to your listening room and your listening habits, conveniently via remote control from the on-screen menu of your TV. With Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast built-in features, you can effortlessly and conveniently stream your favorite music wirelessly. Whether stereo, in a home cinema set with the maximum expansion level as a 7.1.4 system, or for connecting an existing amplifier to your home network - the possibilities with the Smart Connect 5.1 are many.

Wireless High-Res transmission directly to your Smart Speaker.

For active speakers and power amplifiers as well as for your Canton Smart speakers, the high-quality AV amplifier Smart Connect 5.1 serves as a flexibly configurable interface and connection centre. The basis for impressive sound experiences is created here by a loss-free and high-resolution transmission of up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. This enables a combination of 6 active speakers or power amplifiers and up to 8 Smart speakers. The multidimensional virtualiser ensures stunning 3D surround sound - even with only 2 speakers connected. The powerful DSP enables high-end stereo sound and impressive multi-channel sound. With the Smart Connect 5.1, the variations are versatile and unique: stereo or multi-channel, wired or wireless, the flexible combination of both worlds up to a 7.1.4 setup as well as SingleRoom and Multiroom streaming - everything is possible.

3D Sound-Upgrade for your amplifier.

The Smart Connect 5.1 makes it possible to integrate your existing stereo amplifier into the WLAN. As a 3D audio DAC, it delivers virtual surround sound to your existing stereo setup. The powerful DSP and Virtualizer enable 3D surround sound from all sides - even with only two connected speakers in stereo setup. In addition, the Smart Connect 5.1 can be connected to your TV via HDMI eARC and combined with additional Smart speakers to create a home cinema setup. So you can easily turn your existing stereo amplifier into a home cinema amplifier.

Control station for home cinema and pictures.

The Smart Connect 5.1 brings your TV's razor-sharp picture to life with immersive, room-filling sound, thanks to four HDMI connections including eARC and HDCP2.2. As multi-channel sound formats, the Smart Connect 5.1 supports Dolby Atmos®, DTS HD and the video format HDR (High Dynamic Range). Using the on-screen display on the TV, you can conveniently set up the system and adjust it perfectly to your needs and sound preferences. Thus, in addition to the direct connection to the TV, the Smart Connect 5.1 functions as a control centre for a wide variety of players: from CD players, game consoles, Blu-ray players, a classic radio receiver to music streaming via smartphones. The freely configurable inputs and outputs provide flexible connection options for your active speakers, power amplifiers or external players.

Easy operations - via voice command

In addition to manual operation via the app, you can also start and pause playback, adjust the volume or operate an entire Canton Smart System by voice. Although there are no built-in microphones in the Smart Connect 5.1, the multi-talent still offers the highest possible compatibility when it comes to voice control. There are two ways to operate the Smart Connect 5.1 by voice: Use the Siri or Google Assistant voice assistants of your smartphone or an external Apple or Google device of your choice. In this way, you can play your favourite music either at the touch of a button or by voice in any room you wish.


  • Easy set-up with Apple AirPlay or Google Home App
    With Apple Airplay or the Google Home app, the Smart Connect 5.1 can be conveniently set up and managed from a smartphone via WLAN. The amplifier supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WLAN connections. 
  • Always up to date with automatic software updates
    Once integrated into the WLAN, the Smart Connect 5.1 always stays up to date with automatic software updates. This means that you can receive all new functions on your device via updates if you wish. 
  • Sound and music playback even without WLAN
    If the Smart Connect 5.1 is not connected to the WLAN, you can still use all the functions and, if necessary, transfer music wirelessly to the soundbar via Bluetooth.


1 x HDMI® Output (with ARC)
3 x HDMI® Input (with 3D, 4K)
1 x Digital (optisch)
1 x Digital (Coax)
2 x Analog (Chinch)
5 x Pre-Out (Chinch)
1 x Sub Out

Bluetooth® 4.0
Dolby Digital® decoder
DTS Digital Surround™ decoder
Stereo & Surround Sound
bass, mid and treble control
Touch panel on the top
LED Display

Special Features
simple one-cable installation - just one cable to your TV and one cable for power
IR-learn-function - controllable with TV-remote
Automatic on/off switch with TV
ECO Mode - selectable power save mode (On/Off)
Bluetooth Select - automatic selection of Bluetooth input
IR-delete-function - simple deleting of unwanted learn functions
Direct input selection - ideal learnable smart remotes
Lip-Sync - for exact speech synchronization
Equalizer - 3 Presets to adjust the acoustics to the setup location
Easy-Pairing - easiest connection with source device

2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)
24,5 x 5,2 x 14 cm
(9.7" x 2" x 5.5")

1.23 kg

Power consumption
0.46 watts (ECO Standby)

Carton Content
Smart Connect 5.1
Power cord
Short manual

10,5 x 33 x 21,5 cm (4,1" x 13" x 8,5")

Weight including packaging
3.88 lbs.(1.76 kg)

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