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Ergo 670 DC
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Canton - Ergo 670 DC - Tower Speaker (Single)

SoundApproach - Canton Ergo Series

Canton - Ergo 670 DC - Tower Speaker (Single)

Canton Ergo 670 DC Tower Speaker

Canton's Ergo 670 DC, able to handle up to 170 watts, is a 2-1/2 way floor-standing speaker. A seven inch aluminum wave Canton Ergo 690 DC Tower Speaker surround woofer, mid-range driver and a one inch aluminum-manganese tweeter are contained in the wenge or cherry veneered enclosure. The DC technology featured in the Ergo 670 allows the speaker to provide sharp, precise bass reproduction at lower frequencies than can be achieved with crossover designs.

With timeless design, the latest technology and genuine HiFi-feel Canton's Ergo 670 DC is a 2-1/2-way floor-standing speaker able to handle up to 170 watts, each cherry, black ash or wenge brown-veneered enclosure houses a 7-inch aluminum wave surround woofer and mid-range driver, as well as a 1-inch aluminum-manganese tweeter. The Ergo 670 DC features DC technology, which allows the speaker to provide sharp, precise bass reproduction at much lower frequencies than can be attained with conventional crossover designs.

Anyone looking for that simple HiFi feel need look no further than the Ergo Series. The fundamental building block and the oldest series in the whole Canton family. Over the years they have been improved and fitted with the latest technology. But their basic character remains the same. Visually, these speakers offer high quality wooden veneers, the typical Ergo cabinets with rounded edges and the classic chassis arrangement: tweeters and midrange speakers at the top, a powerful bass down below, complete with forward-facing bass reflex pipe. With a broad baffle and state-of-the-art technology, the Ergo loudspeakers also contain woofers with patented Canton wave surround for maximum range.

The Ergo series is perfect for anyone looking for that simple HiFi feel. Over the years Canton has improved and fitted with the latest technology to keep the oldest series up to date. The proven aluminum-manganese tweeter system transmits music signals up to 40,000 Hz. A transmission front plate made of aluminum serves as a wave guide and supports the radiation behavior of the system.

The cone systems of the Ergo series are equipped with lightweight aluminum membranes and equipped with state-of-the-art wave-bead technology. Here, three precisely defined bead bends ensure a balanced balance of forces during the swing-in and swing-out behavior. With a wide baffle and technically up to date work in the Ergo speakers including woofer with Canton-patented Wave bead for maximum stroke.

Thanks to the bi-wiring / bi-amping connection terminals, the high / midrange can be controlled separately from the low frequency range. 24-carat gold-plated, sturdy screw terminals ensure optimum signal transmission. The high-quality aluminum grille gives the Ergo series its own face. It provides the necessary protection for the speaker systems without affecting the sound of the speakers.



Manufacturer: Canton
Model Number: Ergo 670 DC
Speaker Type: 2 1/2 - way Bass Reflex


Power Handling: 110 / 170 Watts
Impedance: 4 - 8 Ohms
Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 87.5 dB
Crossover: 300 Hz, 3 kHz
Connection Type: N/A
Bi-Wire / Bi-Amp: Yes


Woofer: 1 x 7" Aluminum (Wave Surround)
Mid Range: 1 x 7" Aluminum (Wave Surround)
Tweeter: 1 x 1" Aluminum-Manganese
Passive Radiator: N/A


Dimensions: 8.5" (W) x 37.4" (H) x 11.2" (D)
Shipping Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)
Shipping Weight: N/A
Finish: Wenge Brown, Black Ash, Cherry
Grill: Included, Metal
Warranty: 2 year Manufacturer
Mounting Method: N/A
AV/Magnetic Shielding: N/A
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