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Audiotop - Vinyl 2 Fluid for Relaxation of Record Surface

Audiotop - Vinyl 2 Fluid for Relaxation of Record Surface

Audiotop - Vinyl 2 Fluid for Relaxation of Record Surface 

An Audiotop exclusive: A fluid that reduces the friction caused by the motion of the stylus in the record groove. After applying the special fluid Audiotop Vinyl 2 the diamond glides more smoothly and quietly in the record groove reducing friction and increasing stylus contact. This increases the dynamics and facilitates the reproduction of full audio frequencies and a stable output. 

It is our goal to give you more joy from the reproduction of music. For this purpose we have performed extensive studies in the field of surfaces and contacts. Today we can offer a complete product line that improves the various interfaces between components to obtain an ideal set up both physically and acoustically. We optimize signal transmission in cable connectors as well as cleanliness and surface condition of a CD (or DVD). We have a comprehensive line of products for analog fans to clean and prepare records in order to reduce the surface noise and improve the track ability. Together with our stylus cleaner our products allow for an exceptional reproduction of recorded music.
With these Audiotop products you will achieve improvements in reproduction of all of your audio and video favorites. That’s our promise! We guarantee products of absolute top quality and of highest purity as well as user-friendly design, dependability and to top it off an audibly more emotional reproduction of music. Since 1993. 

Audiotop lets you experience your hard and software at it’s full potential. Your sound system will sound better than ever before: The Ultimate Sound!


        Non specified gas contained in highly purified (99,9995%) carrier substance.

        Moisten velvet brush with Vinyl 2 and apply immediately on clean (i.e. washed with Vinyl 1), revolving, record. One complete revolution is sufficient and lasts until the next cleaning procedure. The gas which is contained in the carrier substance eliminates deformations due to stress on the vinyl surface. This process is best described as following: Every medium (solvent, water, alcohol, etc.) contains energy. This energy causes the vinyl atoms on the surface (through contact with one of these mediums) to leave its original position in the atom lattice. A deformation is created. Without treatment the deformations will be picked up by the cartridge resulting in distortion and limited resolution. Vinyl 2 is the right remedy!

        Temperature sensitivity: max. 40° C!
Close the bottle tightly after use to avoid evaporation.

        Exclusive development and technology of Audiotop Products. Vinyl 2 evaporates completely without leaving any residue and the surface of the record is left in perfect condition. This results in enhanced resolution throughout the frequency range, resulting in increased dynamics and a palpable spatial image of the recording session.

*Use only after a thorough cleaning with Vinyl 1.

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