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AudioQuest - Pegasus - RCA Analog Audio Interconnect Cables (Pair)


AudioQuest - Pegasus - RCA Analog Audio Interconnect Cables (Pair)

The only way to avoid characteristic-impedance mismatch-effects between a cable and its attached source and load circuits, is to prevent the cable from having a characteristic-impedance. ZERO-Tech succeeds by eliminating the electrostatic field between the cable’s high and low signal conductors, enabling linear (consistent octave to octave) Radio Frequency (RF) Noise-Dissipation, and uncompressed transients.

Solid conductors prevent electrical and magnetic strand-interaction. PSC+ Solid-Copper minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries and maximizes linear RF Noise-Dissipation.

Insulation is also a dielectric that can act like a shunt-filter. Biasing minimizes dielectric-noise and linearizes the filter, significantly improving wide-bandwidth dissipation of induced RF noise.

Radio Frequency Noise from cellular, WiFi and satellites is everywhere. Pegasus Linear Noise-Dissipation includes 72v DBS, ZERO-Tech, a carbon & graphene resistive mesh-network, direction-controlled conductors, and Silver-Plated drain wires, significantly minimizing RF Noise masking effects.

Positive conductors benefit from almost no contact between metal and its Polypropylene (PP) insulation, which is notable for its superior dielectric constant and minimal signal interference. Negative conductors benefit from intentionally “lossy insulation” — no air and no PP helps maximize the negative connection’s different job.

Superior Hanging (not-tumbled) Silver directly over extreme-purity Red-Copper plugs. RF-Draining Copper-Plated barrels maximize Noise-Dissipation by minimizing RF Noise capacitively coupling to the signal conductors.

All drawn metal has a directional grain structure. AQ controls the resulting variation in induced RF conductivity to facilitate RF-Noise dissipation. Please be sure to use cables with arrows pointing in direction of signal flow.


  • Perfect-Surface Copper+
  • Level-6 Noise-Dissipation: ZERO-Tech + Carbon/Graphene Mesh-Network + Direction Controlled
  • 72v Dielectric-Biasing, Polypropylene (PP) Air-Tubes
  • Copper-Plated RF-Draining
  • Limited, Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
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