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AudioQuest - Dragon - Ground Goody Phono Ground Cable (Single)


AudioQuest - Dragon - Ground Goody Phono Ground Cable (Single)

Combine an AQ GroundGoody with most audio interconnect cables to create a high-performance low-distortion Phono cable. However, it is not recommended to use an AQ ZERO-Tech (Mythical Series) Analog Interconnect for Phono. Please use a dedicated Mythical Phono model instead.

Arrows must point from turntable GND post to electronic component GND post, or from component to ground-box, to enable RF Noise Dissipation.


  • Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) Solid Conductors
  • RF Noise-Dissipation (patented RF/ND-Tech)
  • Direction-Controlled Induced RF Noise Cancelling
  • Limited, Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
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