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Atlantic Technology - LCR3 - Compact 2-way Bookshelf Speaker (Single)

Atlantic Technology - LCR3 - Compact 2-way Bookshelf Speaker (Single) 

The LCR3 is a compact speaker with attractive, neutral gloss black finish (or white) that looks great and fits into any decor or setting.  They're easily wall- or stand-mounted or placed on a shelf or tabletop.  They're available singly, so you can buy three for LCR use, or two for surround, or one as a center channel.  

Don't let their small size fool you into thinking that these are anything other than no-compromise audio devices of the highest caliber.  They have two long-excursion 3 1/2 inch woofers with CPP (Composite Polypropylene/paper) cones.  This cone material combines the best of two materials - the "quickness" and fast transient response of polypropylene and the inherent self-damping traits of cellulose to eliminate any tendency towards harshness.  The tweeter is a 3/4 inch silk dome, which exhibits exceptional upper-octave dispersion - far superior to the conventional 1-inch domes found in most other speakers.  

The wide dispersion of the LCR3 pays off in two very distinct benefits that ordinary designs can't match: it imparts a spacious, 3-dimensional character to the sound and it removes the necessity of the listener having to sit right "in line" with the speaker in order to enjoy its best sound.  The LCR3's response extends down to 100Hz, more than deep enough for any accompanying subwoofer to be totally non-localizable.  


Manufacturer:  Atlantic Technology
Model Number:  LCR 3
Speaker Type:  2-way, Sealed box


Power Handling:  10 - 125 W
Impedance:  6 Ohms
Frequency Response:  100Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity:  88 dB
Crossover:  3.5 kHz
Connection Type/Input:  N/A
Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp:  N/A


Woofer:  2 x 3 1/2" CPP
Mid Range:  N/A
Tweeter:  1 x 3/4" Silk Dome
Passive Radiator:  N/A



 4 3/4" x 11 1/4 x 5" w/ grill

 (120 x 284 x 127mm)

Shipping Dimensions:  N/A
Weight:  4.8 kg (each), 10.5 lbs
Shipping Weight:  N/A
Finish:  Gloss Black or Gloss White
Grill:  Included
Warranty:  N/A
AV/ Magnetic Shielding:  N/A
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