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Astin Trew - AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Class A Amplifier

Astin Trew - AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Class A Amplifier

The Astin Trew of Britain  AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Amp "Class A" is another fantastic audiophile product!

The AT 2000 integrated amplifier combines a Class A biased pre-amplifier stage and valve-assisted power amplifier electronics in a compact one-box package using Never Connected™ power supplies for all low-power circuits, offering stunning musicality at its price point. There is plenty of user flexibility and real audiophile sound. The quality electronics are housed in distinctively designed aluminum casework with a 6mm thick front fascia and anodized finishes.

POWER SUPPLIES - Low Noise and shielded Toroidal transformer offering 330VA. Pre-amplifier and all other low power audio sections run from Never Connected™ power supplies to offer the best isolation and cleanest supply

RCA, XLR Balanced, and RJ45 Balance Inputs and Outputs for audio signals. With infra-red (IR) control capable of working though 100M of cable to supply further amplifiers with IR control; and audio signals through either Cat 5 A/V or pro-audio Balanced cables, XLR terminated, to feed additional amplifiers up to 100M, distant. and also RS232 bus connection.


PURE "CLASS A " Operation

65 WPC "Class A" RMS AT 8 OMHS / 85 WPC @ 4 OMHS

Frequency Response:
±0.5 db -20-30,000Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion:
0.1 (characterized by even harmonics that are not audible)

Input Sensitivity:

Input Impedance:

Signal to Noise Ratio:
95db A-Weighted

1 x ECC 82 / 12AU7 per Channel
20,000 hrs recommended replacement

Main Voltage:
110-120V @ 60Hz

H 4.5" x W 17" x D 15.625"
(H 115mm x W 432mm x D 397mm)

28 lbs (12.7kg)

Shipping Weight:
35 lbs (15.9kg)

Manufacturer's Warranty:
2 years parts and labor / 90 days tubes

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