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Astin Trew - AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier "Class A"

Astin Trew - AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier "Class A"  

The Astin Trew of Britain  AT-2000 Hybrid Integrated Amp "Class A" is another fantastic audiophile product!

The AT 2000 integrated amplifier combines a class A biased pre-amplifier stage and valve-assisted power amplifier electronics in a compact one-box package using Never ConnectedT power supplies for all low-power circuits, offering stunning musicality at its price point. There is plenty of user flexibility and real audiophile sound. The quality electronics are housed in distinctively designed aluminum casework with a 6mm thick front fascia and anodized finishes.


POWER SUPPLIES - Low Noise and shielded Toroidal transformer offering 330VA. Pre-amplifier and all other low power audio sections run from Never Connected (tm) power supplies to offer the best isolation and cleanest supply

RCA, XLR Balanced and RJ45 Balance inputs,and Outputs for audio signals. With infra-red (IR) control capable of working though 100 mts of cable to supply further amplifiers with IR control; and audio signals through either cat5 A/V or pro-audio Balanced cables , XLR terminated, to feed additional amplifiers up to 100Mtrs , distant. and also RS232 bus connection.


PURE "CLASS A " Operation

65 WPC "Class A" RMS AT 8 OMHS  /85 WPC @ 4 OMHS

Frequency Response: + - o.5 db -20-30,000 hz
Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.1 (characterized by even harmonics that are not audible)
Input Sensitivity: 370mv
Input Impedance: 47K ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio: 95db A Weighted

1 x ECC 82 / 12AU7 per Channel
20,000 hrs recommended replacement
Main voltage: 220-240 V @ 50 HZ  / 110-120V @ 60hz switchable

W- 430mm  x  D  397mm  x  H 110mm
17 Inches x 15-5/8 Inches x  4-1/2 Inches

Weight: 28 lbs
Shipping weight: 35 lbs
Warranty: 3 years parts and labor  / 90 days tubes

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