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Eximus S1
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April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier

April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier
April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier

April Music - Eximus S1 Stereo Amplifier

The EXIMUS S1 is a Stereo/Bridged mono block power amplifier with 125W/CH at 8 ohms of output. The EXIMUS S1 is a stereo amplifier which can be used as a mono amplifier a flip of a switch. Not only does it provide outstanding musical performance, but it also has a capacity enough to drive most of the high-end speakers in the market. When operating the unit as Bridged mode, it can be used as Monaural amplifier which can drive high-end speakers at 500W/CH at 8 Ohms of output.

To ensure top musical performance and longer life of operation, Eximus S1 is applied with the most advanced 250ASX2 ICEpower® Module from B&O. It is the result of consistent studies to secure the high musicality and its specialized designs of each protection circuit

In case you want to have more output power, you can prepare additional EXIMUS S1 and make it upgraded as a perfect Mono/Mono High-end system.


ICEpower Module from Bang & Olufsen (B&O)

Designed with the latest generation of D-Class amplifier from B&O, the S1 incorporates their core amplifier technology named COM (Controlled Oscillating Modulator) and MECC (Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control). Its unique circuit design and the state of the art semiconductor technology outclass the performance parameter of AB-Cass amplifier design.

The S1 is custom designed with full balanced input circuitry which provides stable and superior component matching with the DP1 or any high quality preamplifier. When used as a discrete amplifier, the S1 provides high-end performance.

Stereo to Bridged Mono switch function

Used as monaural amplifier with another S1, the power output will be increased to 500W.

The S1 compact chassis is exactly the same dimensions as the DP1. You can stack them vertically or place them side by side horizontally.

After ensuring all connection, make sure to turn the preamplifier power on first before switching on the S1.


Output Power
        Stereo : 125W/CH at 8 Ohms
        Bridge : 500W/CH at 8 Ohms

Frequency Response


Dynamic Range
        Stereo : 112dB
        Bridge : 121dB

Damping Factor

Input Impedance
        1 Mega Ohms

        Stereo : 28.8dB
        Bridge : 34.9dB

Analog Input
        Unbalanced 1 x RCA, Balanced 1 x XLR (selectable switch)

Standby Power Consumption

AC Power Requirement
        100/117/220(230)/240V, 50 or 60Hz

Fuse Type
        T7A 250V(7 A) slow-blow type 20 x 5mm Glass Tube

        208 x 62 x 291 mm (WHD)


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