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Analysis Plus - Power Oval 2 - Power Cable (Single)

Analysis Plus - Power Oval 2 - Power Cable

Analysis Plus - Power Oval 2 - Power Cable (Single) 

The Power Oval 2 has a new braid design on the shield and the size has increased to 10 gauge. According to literature, transient noise voltages in power distribution systems are produced by sudden changes in current demand. A low impedance transmission line design, such as that used by Analysis Plus Power Cord Oval cable, is recommended to minimize this noise. The current carrying conductors are then surrounded with a shield to prevent pick-up of high frequency noise. Terminated with WattGate connectors.

When people design power cords they use massive cable to reduce the noise voltage on the cable. The noise voltage that occurs on the cable is related to L (inductance) and di/dt (the rate of change in the current). You can reduce L by using larger gauge wire but you don’t get much bang for your buck because it is a log function. What this means is that as you keep increasing the gauge of the wire you do not get much improvement for your effort. This is why you see people using very heavy and stiff wires in power cords. Analysis Plus has seen some power cords that are so big and stiff that the CD player connected to them is lifted off the ground. What Analysis Plus has done is use computer simulation to optimize the design of a power distribution system. What they discovered is their patented hollow oval design provides a low L cable without having to use stiff and bulky cables. Analysis Plus cables have a super low noise voltage to reduce the background noise to a minimum. This is extremely important during quiet passages, if you want to hear subtle details (this is very important for classical music fans and for other lovers of live music). The other thing people don’t realize about low frequency noise is that the thin aluminum shield found on many power cords does nothing to reduce this problem. The best way to reduce low frequency noise on cables is to reduce loop area. Analysis Plus cables have the lowest noise voltage ever with the hollow oval design. For higher frequencies the silver-plated copper braided shield does a great job. Analysis Plus used an open braid design that works much like the window on your microwave oven. You can see through the window but the radiation stays where it belongs.

This power cable is engineered to deliver your audio/video components the clean power they deserve.

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