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AP-BlackOval Instr
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Analysis Plus - Pro Black Oval - Instrument Cable (Single)

Analysis Plus - Black Oval - Instrument Cable (Single)

Analysis Plus - Pro Black Oval - Instrument Cable (Single)  

Analysis Plus award winning cables are the only cables to receive an editor's pick from Guitar Player, Bass Player and Keyboard magazine. Since we are custom made in the USA we can make any cable you need in any length and type of connector.

It's ROHS compliant, completely green cable that sounds as good as it feels. This cable has 20 gauge conductors, a conductive sheath to eliminate microphonics, an oval center conductor with a hollow oval return. Available with straight or 90 degree mono plugs.

The cable is made in the USA, the connectors are made in the USA, the packaging is designed and made in the USA, the catalog and all paper are printed in the USA. I don't think you can say this about most products.

The silent plug enables you to switch instruments without running to the amplifier and turning down the volume.  The silent plug is special version of 2 pole plug (mono plug) with integrated switch which automatically mutes (shorts) a guitar cable to reduce annoying pops and squeals when hot swapping guitars.

The unique design with its spring loaded ground sleeve, creates a more reliable switching plug than others on the market, with a 1/2 inch profile that fits your guitar. It is available in straight and right angle versions.

"It has the Analysis Plus sound - very quiet, full mids, taut low ends plus it has that upper mid snap that is so important to me." Steve Carr - founder Carr Amps

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  • 1/4" silent connectors (1 straight, 1 angled) designed to reduce noise when unplugging from amps while they are turned on
  • 2-pole plugs (mono plugs) have integrated switch which automatically mutes (shorts) a guitar cable
  • Spring-loaded ground sleeve
  • 1/2-inch profile
  • ROHS compliant
  • 20 gauge conductors
  • Conductive sheath eliminates microphonics
  • Oval center conductor with hollow oval return
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